Do you need a lead roof specialist?

If you need a lead roof specialist then you need to do a little research. There are many companies out there who claim to be roofers but finding a quality bespoke lead roof specialist is well worth time spent on the search. Such a company is also worth paying that little extra for as after your entire roof is one of the most important aspects of your home. Without a good roof your home might as well be open to the elements and if rain and such can get through, damp will occur as well as damage to the structure of your home and any possessions. Rather than go for the cheapest quote you could be wiser choosing the company based on the service they offer and the advice given when applying for the quote.

The quote should be given in writing after an inspection but you would need to bear in mind that this could differ slightly based on what work has actually got to be carried out once the roofer has got up onto the roof and seen what has to be done. If the underlying structure of the roof needs to be replaced and not just the tiles then of course the quote would work out higher and this would not have been visible before work had begun.

Always beware of any company or roofing contractor that comes with a very low quote for the work. You should be wary as while there could be a legitimate reason for the low quote such as them just starting out in the business and they want to undercut their rivals to ensure they get the job, there could also be other reasons such as the use of low quality materials.

Any work should also come with a guarantee and this should be discussed before giving the company the project. Any ethical company will provide you with a guarantee of some kind if they pride themselves on their work and the materials they use. An established roofing specialist will provide work of the highest possible standards and would back up that work with pride. Where possible ask to see examples of previous work and projects completed, they should not be afraid to provide referrals if you ask. If the company has its own website then also make good use of the vast amount of information you could find by way of articles and the background of the company.

When undertaking any type of work on your home you do have to remember that it is down to you as the owner of the property to get the appropriate planning permission. This would pertain of course to any additions to the home such as loft conversions. A lead roof specialist would normally only undertake any work after you had got the planning permission and the certificate for the work.


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