Ecclesiastical roofing contractors

If you need any type of ecclesiastical roofing repairs or even a new roof then you need to consider specialist ecclesiastical roofing contractors. There are many different styles and types of church roofs around the UK and many different materials that could have been used on the roofs and spires. Some could be rounded roofs, others could be flat, and so you would need a contractor that is used to working on the roofs of churches of all shapes, sizes and with a huge variety of different types of materials. The company would have to have experience not only with working with roofs of different shapes but would also have to be competent in re-tiling large church spires.

Churches and their roofs have to withstand the same conditions as any other home or building and so are at risk of the elements and weather just the same. Churches with steeples could be more at risk of course due to the height of them. High winds and storm could cause all kinds of damage and require restoration so choosing an ecclesiastical roofing contractor that is able to repair and restore tiling on spires along with roofing would be considered essential.

You should therefore choose a specialist who had been in the business of ecclesiastical restoration for many years and who has built up experience in this field. When working on the high roofs of churches and spires the preparation alone for restoration can prove to be something. Simply erecting scaffolding to reach to the top of a spire can pose many problems on its own. Getting the materials such as tiles, eaves, ridges and battens up to the top of a church spire can also cause a huge headache and of course all members working on the project would have to be safe along with people passing by.

The contractor you choose should be able to provide you with a portfolio and recommendations from other projects they have undertaken. They could also be able to show you projects on their website and provide you with information regarding the company background. There are many contractors out there so choosing one that can offer you full insurance and provide quality workmanship is essential. Check to find out how long the company has been in business and preferably choose one that is well established.

If you choose a company that comes with backing of the National Federation of Roofing Contractors then you would have assurance and backing of what is what one of the UKs largest roofing trading associations. You could be ensured of quality workmanship and that the company you have chosen follows a strict code of practice.

When considering ecclesiastical roofing contractors you would need to ensure that the contractor provides you with a written guarantee. Of course the quote could change to some extent due to certain conditions that could crop up once the project was underway, for example if the sub-structure of the roof should be in a worse condition than was originally thought.


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