Choosing a heritage roofing contractor

There are many kinds of roofing contractors. Some will work with various types of roofs such as slate and tile and others could offer more specialist services such as ecclesiastical, heritage and lead roofing. If you are looking for a heritage roofing contractor then you should ensure that they can produce workmanship of the highest standards that comes backed up with a warranty for workmanship and materials used.

But first of all, how do you know if there is a problem with your roof?

Well, apart from the obvious signs such as missing tiles, damp and rot in the loft, brown patches etc, you should regularly take a good look at your roof, both internally and externally. There may be some damage that has not yet become apparent.

The signs to look out for include:

  • missing, loose or slipping tiles;
  • valley deterioration or defective flashing;
  • cracked cement work; and damaged ridges.

Internally, look out for:

  • damp patches or stains in the loft;
  • condensation (this may or not be down to a damaged roof, so does need investigation) ;
  • leaks;
  • stains on the underside of roof timbers.

If you see a problem with your roof, particularly if yours is a heritage property, then call in a heritage roofing contractor. Finding the right person for the job will involve a little bit of effort on your part. However, a watertight roof is the key to keeping your property in tip top condition, so a little time spent now will save you lots of time over the coming years.

Things to ask your roofing specialist;

  • Ask for examples of work previously undertaken by any heritage roofing contractor you are considering taking on. Any specialist contractor should be only too pleased to show you a portfolio of work already completed successfully.
  • Check to find out if they have worked with and are competent with a wide range of materials. A good roofing contractor should be able to work with such as stone and natural slating materials and oak and cedar shingles.
  • Check to find out if they have carried out any projects for the National Trust and English Heritage as this would be in their favour.

Also note that when working on any heritage project the company should be able to match the materials to the particular project they are undertaking and be able to work with any size, style and type of building. For example, they might come across stone or natural slate church roofs that have to be restored. They should be competent in working with towers, spires and stone rotundas. Again seeing previous projects that are similar to the one you have can help greatly when it comes to peace of mind.

Choosing a competent heritage roofing contractor who provides quality craftsmanship is not only needed to ensure appeal to the eye they are also essential for safety. There could be many people visiting the church or estate so having peace of mind that the roof has been repaired to high standards is imperative. Bad workmanship could lead to liability claims so the cost of a quality contractor is well worth the initial layout.


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