Ensure roof repairs are completed by a specialist roofing contractor

Your roof is the most important part of your home. Without a good sturdy and strong roof your home would be open to the elements, even the smallest of roofing problems can cause a great deal of trouble which could lead to expense and misery. At the first sign of any roofing problems you should seek the advice and help a good quality craftsman for your roof repairs.

Of course there are many different types of roof –  yours could be the traditional tiled roof, a conservation property, or it could be a farm house roof. When looking for a specialist contractor it is essential that you find one that can undertake the work you need. You should ask to see a portfolio of previous work that has been undertaken and get to know how long the roofer had been in the business. Any quality craftsman will be pleased to give you references and be proud to show you examples.

There are many contractors out there but not all have the same expertise. One of the ways you can be sure that you have a high quality craftsman is if they are a member of the National Federation of Roofing Contractors. The NFRC are one of the UKs largest associations and any roofing contractor who is a member will be fully insured and will follow a very strict code of practise when it comes to health and safety. Of course they will be fully qualified to take on any roof repairs, although some roofers will specialise in certain areas.

There could be roofing contractors that deal specifically in businesses or domestic, others could specialise in farmhouses and churches or they may provide services for lead work and heritage roofing. Some may offer a wide variety of services.

You should always be safety conscious when it comes to checking your roof. Checking out the roof through binoculars is a great idea and if necessary you can use ladders to get closer. However if you are in any doubt about safety then call in a specialist and allow them to do the check for you, you should never climb up onto the roof as it might not be safe.

When making an inspection you should keep an eye out for missing tiles and any loose or cracked ones. Also check the ridge tiles to ensure that they have not been damaged as these can cause enormous damage if they were to come crashing down in the next storm.

You can also check into your loft, look to see if there are any signs of leaks and water damage in the loft area. If there is then this could be a good sign that your shingles are cracked, broken or damaged. If you were to leave the problem then it would almost certainly get a great deal worse and this could mean not only your home suffering damage but you would also be risking the health and safety of your family and other people. Roof repairs should be undertaken as soon as damage is spotted.


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