Finding a quality tile roof specialist

Finding a quality tile roof specialist can be hard, where do you begin your search and who can you trust? You have probably seen many advertisements for contractors in your local paper but how do you know that they have the experience you need for the work you need doing? If you choose the wrong contractor you could end up with shoddy workmanship and have to pay out again to have the roof fixed plus deal with the damage that could occur as the result of the poorly repaired roof.

When searching for a roofing specialist you could check around with family, friends and work colleagues to find out who they have used on their roof. A good specialist company will not be afraid to show you work they have previously undertaken so do not be afraid to ask to see a portfolio or ask to see their website.

Also, explaining the work you want doing with the contractor is essential; ask them what guarantees they provide for the work they take on and what materials they use, also ask what they specialise in. You could ask them how long they have been in the roofing business. A tile roof specialist that has been in the business for many generations will speak for itself. Also check to find out if they have insurance, if they are a member of the NFRC, National Federation of Roofing Contractors, then they will be fully insured. You will also have the assurance and peace of mind that the company will provide you with work of the very highest standard and that they will have been vetted and be able to meet Government endorsed standards.

So, how do you know if you need a tile roof specialist?

  • Damage to your tiles can be hard to see unless you get up close. However climbing onto the actual roof itself is not a good idea when it comes down to your safety. You could however put up a ladder and use binoculars to go over the roof back and front.
  • You should look for any type of damage to your room, tiles could have been blown off the roof and these will be easier to see. However they could also have been dislodged or cracked and these could be harder to see.
  • Perhaps the first signs of damage to your roof will be seen in walls in the loft. If tiles have been damaged in any way then water could be seeping through and this will be seen as water or damp spots on the walls and could also show up by bubbling or peeling paint.

It goes without saying that as soon as you see any sign of damage then you need to call in a quality roof specialist. If you leave the roof in disrepair, or do a patch job, which will only ever be temporary, then you could eventually see mould appearing and this could damage beams, floorboards and walls. It could also spread to your belongings too. And by this time it would cost you a great deal of money to replace everything that had been affected and you would still have to find a tile roof specialist contractor.


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