What to look for in a slate roof specialist

Whether you are looking for a slate roof specialist to extensively repair a roof; provide you with a brand new roof; or just repair one or two missing slates, you need someone who can provide you with quality craftsmanship. Your home is your biggest investment and your roof is everything – if it becomes damaged due to storms, winds, rain or snow then it is essential that you have it repaired as soon as possible. If not, you could find yourself in a home that is unliveable.

A damaged slate roof means water would get into your home. If water gets in, this often leads to unsightly brown water marks and, much more disturbingly, mould and rot. If the whole roof structure in your loft becomes damaged then your home would become unsafe. Damp and mould can spread and it could reach your belongings which of course would be impossible to repair. You could lose many treasured items that have been acquired over the years. Of course damage to slates also means that your family and anyone else in the vicinity of your home is at risk of falling debris.

It is important that you match your roofer to your needs. For example, to re-roof or repair a farm house roof will need a different type of roofer to one of only works with slate tiles, for example. Each roof type needs a different type of expertise.

When choosing a slate roof specialist, there are certain things that you can do to ensure that you find the right person for the job:

  • Do not be afraid to enquire as to what work they have completed in the past and how many years the company has been doing business.
  • Ask them if they do specialise in slate roofing as it is essential that you have a contractor who is used to working with slate materials. Not all materials and slate times are the same and you do not want inferior or the wrong sized slates on your roof.
  • Also ask the contractor what warranty they give for their work and materials. A good contractor would provide you with a guarantee that is backed.
  • Finally, do not be shy – ask to see the roofer’s credentials. Remember, our home will literally be in his hands.

In summary, without a good roof over your home to protect it you could lose everything within it if the worst case scenario were realised.  So paying out for a good contractor is a must. Never be tempted to cut corners when it comes to your slate roof, without using a slate roof specialists, you could be taking a huge risk and may be let down with shoddy workmanship.

Your home is your single largest investment so you need nothing less than a qualified slate roof specialist when it comes to the repairing or relaying of a new roof.


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