Think your roof might need work?

Of course, things like condensation can sometimes confuse the issue. Look for any staining that has dark rings around the edges – this is more often than not a sign of a roof leak, where the rings have come from traces of asphalt.

Sadly, many people do not closely pay attention to their roof and only realise that they have a problem when damage has been done. Checking your roof over internally and externally on a regular basis, is a good habit to get in to.

If you see a problem with your roof, you’ll probably do best to call in a roofing specialist rather than try and tackle the job yourself. As mentioned before, patching things up can ever be a temporary thing.  And doing this could overall cost you more in decor and structure repairs than if you’d simply had the roof repaired or replaced at the first sign of trouble!

It is definitely worth spending a little time finding the right person to do the job for you. As discussed before, roofers may have one area that they particularly specialise in, such as being a lead roof specialist; a slate roof specialist; or one who does listed building roofing. Maybe you live in a farm house. To re-roof or repair a farm house roof will need a different type of roofer who only works with tiles, for example. Each roof type, whether it be that of a church, a listed building or a traditional two up two down home, will need a different type of expertise. You need to match your roofing contractor to your needs.

Don’t be afraid to ask to see the roofer’s credentials – after all, your home will literally be in his hands.

Also check that your roofing specialist has valid insurance. This protects you both should something go wrong (for example, he causes damage to your property accidentally). It means that he is fully covered and you are fully protected.

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